Why Protective Styling Is So Important For Natural Hair

26/09/2021 by serena-nwokoye
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Why Protective Styling Is So Important For Natural Hair


When you embark on your natural hair journey, one of the first things you may be advised to do, is utilise protective styles; it is definitely one of the first things I would advise you to utilise! Protective styles are key to retaining moisture and minimising damage to your hair. I would certainly credit a lot of my own length retention to using protective styles.

The fact is that curly and coily hair is very fragile, so benefits from minimal manipulation in order to protect it from damage and help it to retain its length. One of the frustrations many naturals often have is that we may feel our hair just isn’t growing (I know I felt that way for many years). But the fact is, our hair grows all the time and may just be in need of some help, which comes in part from protective styling and a good hair care routine that will allow us to retain the length that is breaking off.


**Disclaimer: I am not a hair care professional. All my posts are based on personal experience, preference and things I have learnt from reading and researching. If you have serious concerns about your hair please consult a qualified professional**



So What Is Protective Styling?

Protective styling is styling your hair in a way that can preserve its health and protect it from potential damage in the form of environmental factors as well as mechanical damage. Protective styling should also help the hair to retain moisture for longer and allow you to easily add moisture while your hair is in a protective style. One of the goals of protective styling is to keep your ends (which are the oldest and most fragile part of your hair) tucked away to prevent over manipulation of your hair. Think of two strand twists, flat twist, plaits, bantu knots and canerows as good examples of protective styles for your curls and coils.




What Are The Benefits Of Protective Styling?

Protective styling is a great way to preserve the health of your hair. If you don’t use protective styling regularly in your hair care routine, you may find that you experience more breakage and may struggle with length retention. Using protective styling not only encourages length retention, it also reduces tangles and knots, gives your hair a break from tugging, pulling and combing and can save you a lot of time getting ready in the morning!



What Are The Best Protective Styles To Use?

When picking a protective style it is important to utilise styles that are low tension and kind to your edges. It is also essential to remember that protective styling is only protective when you are keeping on top of your hair treatments and ensuring that you have a healthy regimen in place. Without the means of hydration, protein and moisture, protective styling will be less effective in helping you to meet your hair care goals.

As I mentioned above two strand twists, flat twists, plaits and canerows are all great protective styles to use, as are jumbo braids, buns and some updos.


Should I Be Using Protective Styles?

Yes, absolutely! If you want to build a healthy hair regime then I would highly recommend including protective styles in your hair care routine. There are so many beautiful hairstyles you can utilise so go ahead, get create and start rocking some beautiful protective styles! Let me know some of your favourite protective styles below!


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