Hello I’m Serena, married and mum to 2 beautiful children. I am also an entrepreneur running my own natural hair care business Detangled Hair and a published author with more books on the way. I have created this blog as a safe space for you to learn tips about natural hair care and self care. I also have a keen interest in building multiple streams of income (which is actually part of self care) so I will be sharing my experiences and tips on that as well. I hope I can inspire and educate you and we can grow together. Welcome to my blog, I am so glad you have stopped by.

Hello, I’m Serena thanks for stopping by. I have created this blog as a place of education, growth and support. One of my passions is natural hair and so I want to share all I’ve learnt with those of you seeking healthy natural hair. This will include advice on hair care techniques, styles and natural hair products. Over the years I have also learnt how important self care is and so I again want to share what I have learnt to help you establish your own self care routine. Another thing that is incredibly important to me is financial security and so I will be sharing some of the different methods I have discovered to build multiple streams of income, which will include insight into my personal entrepreneur journey.

I want to create a community and safe place you can come back to time and time again for guidance and support. Feel free to leave a comment, ask questions and share your own experiences so we can learn and grow together and follow me on my social media channels for great tips and inspiration.