8 Signs That Your Hair Product Is Not Working For You

22/07/2021 by serena-nwokoye
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8 Signs That Your Hair Product Is Not Working For You

A little while ago I ran a short poll across my social media platforms asking people if they read the ingredients on the hair products they used. It came as no surprise to me that most people did not read the ingredients list and if they did they didn’t know what they should be looking for and also did not understand half of the ingredients listed. My follow on question to them was how they knew if products they were using were right for them and the majority of responses were that they didn’t really know if the products were good for them they would just tend to take recommendations from their friends and family and sometime from the hair influencers they followed.

This leads me to believe that many people are probably using hair products that actually are not effective for their particular hair because they are choosing products based on someone else’s experience. They may also not know what to look out for in terms of effectiveness when it comes to using hair products, because let’s face it, a lot of the ingredients look like they belong in a chemistry book! So with that being said I want to highlight a few points that will help you to determine if a product is not working for your hair so that you can find products that do work well for you. Let’s dive in!


**Disclaimer: I am not a hair care professional. All my posts are based on personal experience, preference and things I have learnt from reading and researching. If you have serious concerns about your hair please consult a qualified professional**


  1. You Hair Still Feels Dry After Moisturising.

If you are using a moisturiser or a product that claims to be hydrating then your hair should feel moisturised right after you apply it right? There have been times in the past that I have used ‘leave ins’ and hair creams and my hair still felt dry after I had applied the product. If this is your experience you may want to consider a couple of things. Does the product contain any stripping ingredients such as parabens or sulfates? Does the product contain silicones? How you are applying the product? You may also want to consider the porosity level of your hair.

It may either be time to adapt your routine or ditch that product if you are finding that after continued use of your moisturising product ,your hair is still left feeling dry.


  1. It Is Difficult For Your Strands To Clump Together

Once you have finished your wash routine or clarified your hair, it should be easy for clean hair to clump together with the right products to give great definition. If you are using curl enhancers, curl custard or some form of curl cream but you are not seeing those curls popping, then you may have to review the product you are using. You will also need to consider whether you have heat damage and how you are applying the product. However if you are doing things the correct way and still getting bad results, it may be time to ditch that product!


  1. You Are Getting White Flakes On Your Hair

It is possible for some products to ‘clash’ in the sense that they could be fine on their own, but when you mix them with another product they cause unsightly build up. If you are finding that the product(s) you are using is leaving behind white flakes you may either need to use less products at one time or it may be time to ditch the product.


  1. You Are Experiencing More Breakage Than Usual

If directly after using a new product you begin to see a lot more breakage than usual, this could be a very clear sign that the product is not a good fit for your hair and you need to stop using it. You do also have to consider if your hair is lacking in protein and keep on top of your hot oil treatments. However if you notice considerable breakage after using a new product, it is probably time to ditch that product.




  1. Your Hair Looks Dry And Dull Even After You Have Moisturised It

I remember using a new leave in moisturiser after I had washed my hair. The slip was amazing and a little seemed to go along way. However a few minutes after I had used the products my hair felt very dry, looked stringy and appeared very dull. This was definitely not what I was use to as my hair always tends to retain a good amount of shine especially when it is freshly washed. Needless to say I rinsed my hair thoroughly and reverted back to my usual leave in.

If you use a new product and find that your hair still looks dry and doesn’t have any shine after application it may be time to ditch that product.


  1. You Are Not Getting Good Slip

Great slip in a natural hair product is extremely important. If products have great slip then they are easy to apply, help to moisturise your hair and make it easier to detangle your hair, which can help to minimise single strand knots and tangles. A good natural hair product should provide great slip making it easier to apply the products and style your hair.

Attempting to style your hair with products that have little to no slip can ultimately lead to damage and breakage, which we definitely don’t want. If you are finding that your products have little to no slip, it may be time to ditch those products.


  1. Your Hair Becomes Hard To Detangle

Detangling our hair is a staple part of our curly coily journey. If we leave our hair tangled then we leave it prone to forming knots, building more friction and ultimately being prone to more damage and breakage. You hair products should make the process of detangling easier however, if you are finding that they are doing the opposite then it’s time to ditch those products.


  1. Your Amount Of Frizz Has Increased

I think a little bit of frizz here and there is inevitable, however if you find that your hair has become more frizzy since using a new product then there could definitely be an issue with the product. Good quality products should be able to smooth down the cuticles on your hair strands helping to keep them laying flat. Setting aside any porosity issues your products should definitely help to reduce frizz and help your hair to look healthy. If you are finding more frizz since you started using a new product, it’s time to ditch that product.



If you know that you have products that are causing distress or damage to your hair then it’s time to ditch those products. I know it can be hard to do so especially if you have invested a lot of money into a product, but I personally think it’s better to get rid of products that don’t work sooner rather than later to minimise any further damage done to your hair. If you have been using a product for a long time and then you suddenly find that it is no longer working as effectively as it used to, be sure to check the ingredients as the company may have changed the formulation resulting in a change of effectiveness on your hair.

If you find that your product is no longer working, it could be time to find a new product. It is important to remember that not all hair products are going to work on your hair. Even if a product is completely natural there are still other factors that can affect its effectiveness as a product for your hair. Hair care is a complicated science with a variety of factors that can affect your routine. There will always be an element of trial and error as you seek to find products that work for you. However, trying products that don’t wok well for your hair may well help you to eliminate certain ingredients, allowing you to avoid them in another product you may want to try. Be brave and know when it’s time to donate or bin a hair product that isn’t working for you as this will take you one step closer to finding what will work best for you.

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